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water load 2450 Mhz quotation

  • Y-Circulator

    Contact NowY-CirculatorCirculators fall into two main categories: ferrite circulators and nonferrite circulators. ANSI and IEC standard schematic symbol for a circulator (with each waveguide or transmission line port drawn as a single line, rather than as a pair of conductors) A circulator is a passive non-reciprocal...Read More

  • Water Load 2450 Mhz and Water Load 915 Mhz

    Contact NowWater Load 2450 Mhz and Water Load 915 MhzWater load A waveguide load is used to absorb microwave energy from the microwave system. It is often used as a test load for generators and as the terminating load in an isolator. Microwave dielectric materials are instantaneous heating temperature, heating up fast.On the other hand, the...Read More