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Customized waveguide components

  • Y-Circulator

    Contact NowY-CirculatorCirculators fall into two main categories: ferrite circulators and nonferrite circulators. ANSI and IEC standard schematic symbol for a circulator (with each waveguide or transmission line port drawn as a single line, rather than as a pair of conductors) A circulator is a passive non-reciprocal...Read More

  • Waveguide Components 3-stub-tuner

    Contact NowWaveguide Components 3-stub-tunerInsufficient quantum microwave energy is not enough big, and change the internal structure of material molecules or the bond between molecules (except the part of the material, such as microwave may carry on the regeneration of waste rubber, is through the microwave change waste rubber molecular...Read More

  • Water Load 2450 Mhz and Water Load 915 Mhz

    Contact NowWater Load 2450 Mhz and Water Load 915 MhzWater load A waveguide load is used to absorb microwave energy from the microwave system. It is often used as a test load for generators and as the terminating load in an isolator. Microwave dielectric materials are instantaneous heating temperature, heating up fast.On the other hand, the...Read More