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Customized magnetron generator

  • WY 75L Microwave Energy Generator 75KW

    Contact NowWY 75L Microwave Energy Generator 75KWProduct technical parameters 1. The input power supply: 3 phase 380 v + 10% for 50 hz;Ambient temperature: 0 to 35 ℃ or less;Relative humidity: 85% or less.Working area: no inflammable, explosive, corrosive gas, less dust; 2. The microwave frequency: 915 MHZ; 3. The microwave power: 0 ~ 75 kw...Read More

  • WY 15S Microwave Energy Generator High Power Microwave Source 15KW

    Contact NowWY 15S Microwave Energy Generator High Power Microwave Source 15KWAdvantage of microwave generator : 1、The whole cabinet dustproof design adopts closed cooling water cooling fan; 2、The whole cabinet insulation protection, high-pressure components utmost avoid high risk; 3、Isolation circuit, the circuit without interference, voltage fluctuation resistance is...Read More

  • CK-2152 Continuous Wave Cavity Magnetron the Magnetron 100KW

    Contact NowCK-2152 Continuous Wave Cavity Magnetron the Magnetron 100KWCk-2152 continuous wave cavity magnetron 5KW Anode is one of the main composition of magnetron, which together with cathode electron interaction with high frequency electromagnetic field space.In a constant magnetic field and under the action of a constant electric field, electrons in the space...Read More