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Customized chemical sewage treatment

  • Microwave Waste Treatment Equipment

    Contact NowMicrowave Waste Treatment EquipmentSolid wastes is a kind of widespread great harm, special hazards, including medical waste contains a lot of bacteria, viruses and more chemicals and so on, has the greatly strengthened infectious, the biological virus and the corrosion resistance. For the negligence of the medical waste...Read More

  • Microwave Chemical Sewage Equipment

    Contact NowMicrowave Chemical Sewage EquipmentProduct technical parameters 1. The input power supply: 3 phase 380 v ±10% for 50 hz 2. Microwave frequency: 915 MHZ 3. Microwave power: 0 ~ 20 kw continuous adjustable 4. High-power magnetron: single pipe 5. Magnetron cooling: water 6. Perfect protection system 7. Microwave leak: < 1 mw/cm2...Read More