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Nanjing SanLe Microwave Technology Development Co., Ltd., is a pioneer of domestic microwave tube development and microwave energy technology application. It led in developing industrial heating magnetrons and forming a series of products in 1973 and has developed more than 100 types of various microwave energy application equipment. more >>

My company design and manufacture of microwave powder drying equipment update after years of technology, the comprehensive adoption of advanced design concept, with sophisticated processing means, to prevent wrong operation and mechanical failure, in the front-rear mouth, window, door key parts such as adding the leakage protection device, control is much better than the national standard, and has several national patents.
Sanle Microwave has obvious advantages in all respects of the following technologies, such as high-power magnetron, microwave generator, microwave effect cavity analog simulation, microwave feed aperture, microwave inhibition leak proof, system integratio